This diagram shows that every precautionary measure leaves gaps that could let the virus through. The more measures are used in conjunction, such as space, hygiene, mask + ventilation and app., avoiding closed rooms, groups, crowds and lively conversations side by side, limited contact and test, trace, isolate (TTI), the better the containment. The capacity of the TTI strategy, though, is limited when case numbers are high, because the actions of health authorities are slowed down and more infections go undetected for longer. A self-perpetuating pattern of virus spread takes hold. As the illustration shows, when case numbers are small, TTI is effective (blue, green) and numbers remain stable at a low level. When case numbers are high, we see a rise in infection numbers as well. Credit: Contreras et al., Nat Commun 2021; Contreras et al., arxiv, 2021


Scientists propose a sustainable strategy in the COVID-19 pandemic


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